September 11, 2015 9:58 am

Do you ever wonder, “who invented this,” when searching through the aisles at the store? There are various inventions created each day from great inventors, some you have learned about since grade school such as Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, and some you may have never heard their name. We should give credit to all great inventors and their innovative inventions that have made our lives a lot simpler. Here’s a short list of influential inventors that you most likely haven’t heard of before today.

Thomas Adams – Chewing Gum

Before Orbit, 5 Gum and Bubblicious bubble gum, Thomas Adams tried to change chicle (the main natural ingredient in bubble gum) into a synthetic rubber for products such as rain boots, tires, and toys. Adams would watch his boss in Mexico chew chicle, so he started to collect it from Mexican sapodilla trees thinking it would be a good material for rubber products. After many failed experiments at creating rubber materials, in 1869, Adams decided to pop a piece of chicle into his mouth. He chewed away, decided to add flavoring and molded them into small gumballs. He was the first person to make flavored gum and invented a machine to mass produce his gum. His first flavors were Black Jack and the famous Tutti-Frutti.

Tim Berners-Lee – The World Wide Web

A British computer scientist is the founder and father of the “www,” aka the web. In March of 1989, Tim Berners-Lee had a vision that would become the World Wide Web in a document known as “Information Management: A Proposal.” He knew the fast-developing Internet could eventually share information by an emerging technology called hypertext. Tim was rejected when he gave his first proposal. However, he would go on to create three things you commonly see on your browser, HTML, URL, and HTTP, Tim created the first webpage on the internet in 1990.

Garrett Morgan – Traffic Signal

The traffic signal was created by Garrett Morgan after seeing a bad traffic accident. He invented a product that you cranked by hand to control traffic. Morgan’s system was not the first traffic signal, but the innovation created a third position besides “Go” and “Stop.” The yellow “warning” position between “Stop and Go” was created. Drivers now had time to clear the intersection before crossing by reading the T-shaped device.

Clarence Birdseye – Frozen Food

Are you too busy to cook, so you get out a TV dinner and stick it in the microwave? You can thank Clarence Birdseye for the creation of the frozen food industry. Birdseye discovered a new way to freeze foods that would still produce fresh-tasting results. From learning how to ice fish at his job as a taxidermist, he began to apply his knowledge and observations. He started conducting fish-freezing experiments and creating inventions to freeze seafood. In 1927, Birdseye began extending the process of quick-freezing to other meats, vegetables and fruits. The brand Birds Eye is still popular in the frozen food industry.

These influential people created inventions we see on a daily basis; whether we are shopping in stores or driving in our cars on the street. Innovations that have changed the world in the food industry, on the road, and on the internet have made our lives that much easier from the help of great inventors.

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