August 4, 2010 3:26 pm

Gorilla glass

With today’s electronics becoming increasingly smaller and more delicate, it can be nerve wracking to even use them. InventHelps’ Invention Girl knows all too well that one drop of her phone can mean lights out. Luckily, there’s an invention being reintroduced to the market that may potentially help this problem.

Gorilla Glass, an invention from 1962, is finally being put to use in today’s technology. The glass showed potential in the 60’s but failed to find a commercial use at the time. Gorilla Glass is very tough which makes it hard to break, bend or scratch. These features make it ideal for fragile electronics like TVs, phones, computers and other gadgets. Gorilla Glass is perfect for touchscreen devices since it retains its strength after numerous uses. According to company scientists, Gorilla Glass, even though half as thick, is two to three times stronger than chemically strengthened lime-soda glass. This allows it to be thinner than a dime and very light weight. Gorilla Glass is expected to be manufactured in TVs starting in 2011. This will be perfect for those who have the Wii console as remotes can sometimes go flying into the TV!

InventHelp’s Invention Girl hopes that all gadgets will eventually be made with Gorilla Glass. I’ll definitely have less stress about breaking them!

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