April 21, 2008 1:23 pm

Inventor's Diary from InventHelpThere’s really no worse feeling than coming up with a new idea, then forgetting it before you get a chance to pursue it. While InventHelp’s Invention Girl is less of an inventor and more of an invention lover, I’d hate for a neat idea to strike me only to have it slip away later!

Luckily, InventHelp has created a solution: The InventHelp Inventor’s Diaryâ„¢. This diary is an easy-to-use journal that helps creative, innovative people to record developments in their intellectual property as they occur. And thanks to scribd.com, an online publishing service, you can get one for free.

From my experience in the invention industry, I know it is wise to document your progress. Included in InventHelp’s diary is a confidentiality and non-use agreement that can be used between the inventor and a potential reviewer. All in all, this handy little booklet is nice to have around when you feel that light bulb in your head lighting up.

If note-taking and documentation are not your strong point, you’ll find helpful tips, notes about record-keeping, and even an example entry to help get you started.

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