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No inventor is an island. -InventHelp

Okay, maybe the quote is “No man is an island,” and it was said by Jonne Donne, a 16th/17th century poet, but the meaning remains the same. Donne is saying that people do not thrive in isolation and we think the same can be said for inventors. Yes, your invention is your intellectual property, and you are the sole owner of that, but when it comes time to take the next steps with your invention, you’ll most likely find that you can’t do it all alone. So where in your community can you go to get invention help and resources?

Community College

Your local community college can be a great place to work on a prototype. Most colleges have 3D printers and allow people from the community to come in and utilize their resources with permission or for a small fee. Additionally, you can read up on books about inventing, prototyping, patenting, licensing, and manufacturing in the campus library. There may even be community sessions for DIYers and inventors. Before planning any trips to your community college, call their office and ask for permission.

TechShop/Local Makerspace

According to their website, TechShop is an open-access, DIY workshop and fabrication studio where entrepreneurs, artists, makers, teachers, and students come together to learn and work together. There are 10 TechShop locations across the United States. TechShop would be an excellent place to create a prototype or working model, or test a model of your invention. You may also be able to source feedback from knowledgeable people such as industrial designers or engineers. If you don’t have a TechShop in your area, try searching for “makerspace,” “hackerspace,” or fablab.”

Collaborative Work Space

Collaborative work spaces are popping up all over in urban and suburban areas. The concept of collaborative workspace is that when innovative minds come together, everyone’s work benefits. So, individuals are able to rent out access to a co-work space (which often come with perks such as free WiFi, food, and drinks!) to give themselves a place to work on their projects away from their home or office. Typically, certain areas of collaborative workspaces are reserved for silent work (like a library!) but there are usually sections that encourage discussion and interaction among members. If you’re at the stage with your patented invention where you would like feedback from others, going to a collaborative work space may benefit you.

Small Business Administration

Small business administrations exist to help local entrepreneurs with their projects and improve the community. They should be able to give you some sound advice regarding creating a business and working on your marketing materials. Set up an appointment with an advisor to get some assistance. Additionally, small business administrations frequently have panels, classes, and discussions to talk about various aspects of business. Check out your local small business administration’s website for a schedule.


InventHelp has more than 60 sales offices nationwide, and chances are there’s one close to you! InventHelp can help you with every step of the invention process, no matter if you have a drawing or a full-blown prototype, and we keep your idea confidential. All you have to do is give us a call at 1-800-INVENTION to get started.

As an inventor, you’re never alone. Community resources can help you as you work on your invention, and InventHelp is always here to help too!

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