September 16, 2010 11:09 am

Gear Tie

It’s no secret; InventHelp’s Invention Girl has a ton of gadgets! Lots of gadgets = lots of cords and wires. Although I love all my electronics, I don’t love having tangled cords in my office or at home.

The makes of the Gear Tie came up with an amazingly simple design that keeps your gadget’s cords neat and tidy. They’re made of rubber and can be reused over and over again. The ties have a strong wire on the inside so you don’t need to worry about them breaking anytime soon. They work like twist-ties for garbage bags and can be bended and twisted to suit your gadget’s needs. Since Gear Ties are made of rubber, they won’t scratch or mark your items.

They come in a variety of colors (InventHelp’s Invention Girls loves the purple one) and five sizes ranging from 3 inches to 32 inches. The smaller sizes are best for smaller items like headphones, chargers and USB cords. The larger ties work best with bigger items like vacuum cords, power tools and garage items. Although they work great for electronics, they can also keep pretty much any other product neat, too.

The creators also came up with some other innovative uses for Gear Ties. By bending them in different ways, you can make a stand for your iPod using the smaller ties and a stand for your iPad using a large one.

With prices ranging from $5-7, you can afford to keep all your cords tidy!

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