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May is the time to honor the accomplishments of famous inventors past, present, and future. National Inventors’ Month, which used to be celebrated in August, celebrates innovation and creativity. The holiday began in 1998 when the United Inventors Association of the USA, the Academy of Applied Science, and Inventors Digest magazine came together and decided to recognize individuals who have invented products which shaped the nation. Observe the holiday all through the month of May with some educational, interactive, and entertaining activities for adults and children alike.

Inventor Quiz

How much do you remember from elementary or high school? Can you match the famous inventors with the innovations they created? Test your knowledge with a fun quiz. No cheating!

Read Inventor Quotes

Because of the achievements, integrity, and perseverance of inventors, their words of wisdom are often very inspiring. Whether you are an inventor yourself searching for some motivation, or you simply need some kind, uplifting words to get you through your day, take a look at these quotes from inventors. Which famous inventors inspire you to be hard working, problem solving, and thoughtful?

Visit the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Alexandria, Virginia. It houses exhibits dedicated to some of the best creative and scientific minds of all time. The hall of fame welcomes new inductees every year, honoring them for advancing our society and shaping our future. The 2015 inductees were announced May 12, 2015, and can be viewed here.

The organization also hosts Camp Invention, which, according to their website, teaches “STEM concepts though hands-on, creative problem-solving activities encouraging children to explore, analyze, and invent.” Camp Invention programs are held all over the nation, and there are opportunities for returning students in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade to serve as Counselors-in-Training.

Inventor Personality Test

Although famous inventors may have many things in common, such as creativity and determination, they certainly have many different backgrounds, personalities, working styles, and more. What famous inventor do you most represent? Take an inventor personality quiz to determine with which inventor you most closely identify.

Get Hands On

One of the best ways to commemorate the achievements of famous inventors is to replicate their discoveries through science experiments and hands-on activities. Celebrate George Washington Carver by creating your own handmade peanut butter. Honor Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and many other inventors by building a simple circuit. Remember Samuel Morse by communicating with a friend using Morse code. Keep in mind during any science experiment, children should have adult supervision.

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National Inventors’ Month is a great opportunity to celebrate inventors but also to test your invention knowledge, get motivated through inventor quotes, learn about historical innovation, see which famous inventor you most resemble, do some science experiments, and become committed to gaining knowledge on the invention industry. Happy learning!

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