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Fall is here, which means the temperature is dropping and the leaves are falling. The change in weather also means it’s time to get cozy. Whether you enjoy curling up with your favorite blanket, sipping hot tea, or venturing outside on a chilly day, there is a fall product to keep you cozy.

Inventors are always looking to improve on existing products. This is no exception for cozy inventions popular in the fall. These are the cozy inventions and products to made even better by inventors. 

The Foot Rest That’s Also a Foot Warmer

Cold toes are never any fun! That’s where the Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer comes into play. The inventors behind this cozy product took the already useful footrest, and improved it by adding a warmer. This energy efficient heater allows you to remain comfortable as the temperature goes down. The heater is also adjustable to accommodate a variety of sitting and standing positions. Users can even adjust the heat depending on personal preference.

If you’re someone who frequently experiences cold toes, the Toasty Toes heater can help keep you warm. Staying inside on a rainy day? Simply cuddle up with your favorite blanket and plug in your foot warmer. You can even bring the heater into the office for use while seated at your desk.

Heated Shoe Insoles

Now that your feet are warm inside the house, you’re going to need a cozy invention when it’s time to venture outside. Thermacell Original Heated Insoles fit inside of your shoe to keep your feet cold while on the go. Not only will these insoles keep your feet warm, but they will last for up to 500 uses. They also feature a battery life of up to 5 hours.

Watching a sporting event or enjoying a fall day at the park? Simply slip these insoles into the bottom of your shoe. They can even be trimmed to match your specific shoe size. You won’t even have to fear fall rain due to their water resistance. 

The Beanie with Secret Headphones

The beginning of fall also means adding a wider variety of accessories to your wardrobe. This includes cozy scarves, gloves and hats; but it wouldn’t be 2018 without adding a little tech to those accessories. The BTFBM Bluetooth Hat Beanie does just that. This wireless hat connects to your device allowing you to listen to your favorite music while also staying warm.

With a rechargeable battery and up to 33 feet or wireless range, you can enjoy your music in the chilly fall weather. You can even wash the beanie after a day of skiing, hiking or running. Make phone calls while on the slopes, all while remaining hands-free. 

Coffee Mug Warmer

Hot coffee is a great way to stay cozy in the fall. Unfortunately, colder weather also means your coffee will cool down much faster. Luckily, the Mr. Coffee® Mug Warmer will keep your drink warmer longer. Simply plug in your warmer, place your mug full of your beverage on its heated surface, and enjoy a hot beverage even longer than before.

Although the mug warmer was invented with coffee in mind, it can also be used for hot teas and soups. If your fall favorite is a warm cup of soup, use the warmer to keep your meal warm for every bite.

Heated Gloves

You’ve got the toe warmers covered, now it’s time to keep your fingers warm this fall. Gloves are the obvious choice when it comes to warming your hands, but they’re not the only option available. The ActionHeat Premium Heated Gloves offer battery powered warmth for up to 5 hours. These heated gloves are rechargeable and include the ability to change the temperature with ease.

Outdoor activities are incredibly popular during fall. Don’t let a chilly day ruin your planned activities. Fall also means falling leaves, which adds an outdoor task to your chore list. When it’s time to rake leaves, you will be thankful for these heated gloves.

Inventor Takeaways

These fall products are the coziest inventions to have on hand this year. If you’re an inventor, you can take inspiration by the ways in which these everyday fall products were improved upon by a slight modification. For example, one inventor took gloves and added heat, another took the coffee mug and gave it its own warmer. An inventor even took a winter hat and incorporated technology to give it an audio feature.

The biggest takeaway for inventors, is that these were all basic products given add-ons to make a whole new product. Inventors just might benefit from looking at everyday products and asking: how can I make this better? This fall, get comfortable with your cozy products, and brainstorm how you too can improve upon an already existing product.

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