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The approach of fall means it’s time for NFL Football. If you’re a fan of the sport, Sundays will now include plenty of time cheering on your favorite team. Many fans pack their cars and trucks with food, supplies, radios, and drinks to park their vehicles outside of the stadium before the big game. If you’re an inventor, your mind may be thinking one thing: “What are the coolest tailgate products and inventions for this football season?”

NFL Sunday Ticket App

There is no denying that apps are one of the coolest new advancements in tech, so of course the NFL would develop their own app for football fans. The NFL Sunday Ticket App is the best app to download before the tailgate. The app includes statistics, game schedules and more to get you excited for the big game.

Are you staying outside of the stadium to continue the partying during the game? Luckily, the app also includes live streaming of any game, no matter where you are. Fans can also keep up with their Fantasy Football team by utilizing the app’s fantasy analysis in real time.

Yeti Coolers

One of the biggest essentials to any tailgate is the food and drinks, and if you’re going to be bringing perishables to the tailgate, you will need to keep them on ice. The Yeti Cooler offers a great place to store your food and drink before the big game. Keep your burgers and dogs fresh until it’s time to get grilling! Your drinks will stay cool long enough for you to enjoy a beverage until it’s time to pack up and head home.

So what makes the Yeti stand out among other coolers? Yeti was founded when the inventors became frustrated with the cheap quality and poor design of the coolers that were available. They decided to build a cooler to withstand the outdoors, all while keeping your items icy cold. With the Yeti, your snacks and beverages will also make it throughour tailgate. 

Portable Charcoal Grill

Every tailgate has one person who is in charge of handling the grill. Of course, it’s not easy to travel with a large grill to cook your burgers and hot dogs. This is where the Portable Charcoal Grill comes in handy. The small grill allows for easy transportation to the tailgate. It also takes up less space, meaning more room for fun and games.

The Portable Charcoal Grill is not only convenient, but affordable. Your designated griller will be able to set up their grilling station quickly in order to cook up some pre-game goodies. Not into meat? Use the grill to cook your favorite vegetables! Just supply your own charcoal, and you’re good to get grilling! 

The Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

Now that you have your grill, you’re going to need a way to clean it after you’re done cooking. Here is where the automatic grill cleaning robot, or Grillbot comes in handy. The Grillbot offers grillers an easy, hands-free cleaning experience. Instead of scrubbing and scraping, you can enjoy your tailgate with your friends or family.

So, how does it work? Simply place the robot on the grill and close the lid. While you’re enjoying your pre-game activities, the Grillbot will be hard at work cleaning your grill. Inventors behind the robot incorporated features including three strong electric motors, an alarm, a timer and a rechargeable battery allowing you to grill and chill without the mess.

The Beats Pill

No tailgate is complete without the music. With plenty of noise from other tailgaters and fans, you’re going to need a quality speaker. Not only will your speaker need to be loud enough for you to hear your music, but it will also need to be small and lightweight for easy travel. The Beats Pill offers both, giving you the ultimate background music for your tailgate.

The Beats Pill by Dre is wireless and Bluetooth compatible. Charge the speaker prior to the tailgate, and you’re good to go for up to 12 hours. Simply connect your smart phone to the speaker via Bluetooth and blast your favorite football pump up tunes (Renegade, Steeler’s fans?)

Staying up to date on your football stats, listening to your favorite music and eating some great food is what makes your tailgate a blast. Football Sundays are a big part of fall. This season, be ready for your tailgate with these products and inventions.

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