September 29, 2010 12:59 pm


It seems there’s no limit to how far people will go to pamper their pets. InventHelp’s Invention Girl has seen gadgets that give pets massages, luxurious animal beds and even doggy day spas. I understand where these people are coming from as I consider my dogs part of the family. I love to spoil them every chance I get!

Well, now there’s a new invention that can take the spoiling one step further. The Dogbrella is a device that help keeps your pooch nice and dry when on a walk in the rain. It’s basically an inverted umbrella that attaches to your dog’s collar and has a handle for you to hold as you walk.

The umbrella stays hovered over your dog so there is no need to worry about your pooch straying from under the umbrella’s protection! The umbrella is 29” inches in diameter and made from polypropylene that works in rain, sleet and snow (I do not recommend walking your dog in sleet, though!) The Dogbrella works best for small dogs up to 15 pounds and less than 24” long.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl thinks that all you need now are little doggy rain boots and the look is complete! Plus, this might take care of the dreaded “wet dog” smell!

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