January 28, 2016 12:39 pm

It is 2016, and new devices and cool gadgets seem to be popping up everywhere. Some of the most popular range in diversity, functionality and creativity. Here are some awesome products every tech-lover will enjoy.

The Portable Printer

In today’s modern world of smartphones, most photos are taken and remain stored on smart devices, instead of being developed from cameras. Many are unable to make time for developing photos, and need a way to easily obtain actual printed photos. The Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter makes it possible to wirelessly print photos directly from your smartphone using Bluetooth and NFC technology. The photos are also printed with an adhesive back to provide even more possibilities for your pictures. Have the fun experience the original Polaroid camera offers, with the high-quality camera your smartphone now delivers.

The Interactive Pet Webcam

Many Pet owners wonder what their animal does when they are not home. The Petcube lets them not only see their cat or dog’s behavior, but lets them interact with their animal from outside of the home. With its 138° wide angle camera and iOS and Android compatibility, the Petcube lets you know exactly what your furry friend is up to. Simply download the Petcube app to view and interact with your pet from afar. This gadget also contains a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as a certified safe laser for you to truly play with your pet. Take comfort in knowing an eye is always on your pet with The Petcube.

The 3D Pen

Everyone loves to doodle, but what if they could doodle with more than just an average pen and paper? The 3Doodler does this by giving the doodlers of the world more than lines on a blank space. By using heated plastic which rapidly cools in order to create a solid and stable structure, this compact and easy to use 3D pen lets one create, design, invent, and build. With over 80 colors of plastic available, the 3Doodler lets one draw in the air for their creativity to blossom.

The Headphone Beanie

Listening to music through headphones while attempting to keep your head warm in your favorite hat can be a challenge. The company Tooks® designed a product solving this issue for music lovers with their Headphone Beanie. This special beanie has built-in, high-quality headphones letting one listen to music and even make phone calls. This innovative headwear means never having to choose between tunes and warmth again.

The Home Security Camera with Face Recognition

Home intruders and possible break-ins can be a concern and worry for many homeowners, especially those with children. The Netatmo Welcome, a home security camera with face recognition, will put you at ease and give you comfort while away from your residence. The Welcome works by recognizing your loved ones faces upon their arrival, and sending updates to your mobile device. Not only does this security system notice the faces of your family, but it also lets you know when an unrecognized face is detected in your home. The Netatmo Welcome is a great new device for maintaining sufficient home security.

The Meditation Headband

Meditation is not always easy for everyone to achieve, but it is something you can benefit from doing once a day. The Muse Brain Headband makes it easier for one to practice meditation in as little as three minutes per day. This device is the first of its kind to be able to track what is happening in one’s brain during meditation. Brain-sensing technology is used to determine one’s state of mind. The device will play calm weather sounds when it senses a relaxed mind; but when the mind wanders, Muse guides it back to a calm state by intensifying the weather sounds. Muse will help you find your perfect state of mind for that proper meditation your body needs.

Just when you assume they have officially run out of ideas for cool gadgets and devices, the world becomes enthused by something fresh and new. Not only tech-savvy individuals, but everyday people can have fun with these devices. Inventors and innovators work hard at creating products such as these to not only solve our daily struggles, but add fun into the mix of our busy lives.

* None of the products featured are clients of InventHelp®.

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