March 24, 2008 10:49 am

InventHelp’s Invention Girl has bad news if you drive a Jeep – the model you drive may be on Consumer Reports’ recent list of the 11 worst cars and SUVs on the road.

The vehicle with the lowest score Consumer Reports’ annual auto tests is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. With low marks in everything from ride and handling to fuel economy and reliability, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited scored a 17 out of a possible 100 points.

A Jeep spokesperson points out that off-road capability is not factored into Consumer Reports’ score, and that this vehicle was specifically engineered to excel in heavy-duty, off-road use. Other Jeep vehicles that made the list are the Liberty Sport and Patriot Limited.

Given the recent upsurge in compact car sales, it’s not surprising that two of them made the list. The Chevrolet Aveo and the Toyota Yaris both received poor marks in handling and acceleration. The Yaris is Toyota’s smallest and least expensive vehicle, and the Aveo5 will be replaced by a newly redesigned model this spring.

In the SUV category, the worst performer is the Hummer H3. It should come as no surprise to learn that the H3 flunked in fuel economy, acceleration and emergency handling. The remaining vehicles on the list are: Dodge Nitro SLT; Toyota FJ Cruiser; Suzuki Forenza; Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT; and Mercury Grand Marquis.

Even if your car is on the list, each vehicle reviewed had positive attributes as well. InventHelp’s Invention Girl doesn’t want to brag, but my car is not on this year’s list!

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