January 8, 2008 6:06 pm

Bill Gates Delivered the Keynote Address at the 2008 Consumer Electronics ShowThis year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which runs Jan. 7–10, features a ton of new gadgets that will have all of us tech types (InventHelp’s Invention Girl included) anxiously awaiting their release.

With 1.7 million square feet of exhibit space, there’s plenty of room for gadget hunters to find the newest cell phones, chips and other devices that defy categorization.

The most sought-after products at the convention will probably be mock-ups and prototypes of products that are still a few years away from hitting store shelves.

Many companies may bring working prototypes of cutting-edge devices with them to Las Vegas, but they won’t display them under glass or leave them at a booth for manhandling. Rather than risking poor reviews for a product that isn’t nearly ready, these companies will hold closed-door meetings with a select group of potential partners and analysts, and make them sign non-disclosure agreements.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (pictured above) delivered his 12th and last Consumer Electronics Show keynote as a full-time employee with the company he founded more than three decades ago.

“It will be the first time since I was 17 that I won’t have my full-time Microsoft job,” said Gates, who has said he wants to devote his energies to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s world health and education projects.

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