March 6, 2008 5:45 pm

While I try to post as many blogs as I can, unfortunately my gig as InventHelp’s Invention Girl keeps me away from the computer sometimes! And, I’ll admit, sometimes I get so involved with my gadgets that I forget to write about them.

If you’re looking for more of the latest news on innovation between blogs, check out this new feature on the InventHelp website: Invention and Technology News.

This site was developed by InventHelp to provide everyday people with interesting and enlightening news from the world of innovation. The site’s team of writers has plenty of experience in the invention industry (the roster includes yours truly – InventHelp’s Invention Girl!), and we’re committed to keeping you up on the latest gadgets, green technology and more.

If you’re wondering what kind of stories to find on the Invention and Technology News website, there’s something to strike any fancy.

“While our site is still pretty new, several of our stories have already created some Internet buzz,” said Executive Editor Shad Connelly. “We had a story about an invention called The Rumbler, a device that makes police-car sirens actually shake the ground, which attracted a lot of readers. A story about the Smartpen, which records audio as you write, has become our biggest hit to date.”

With all of InventHelp’s inventor-friendly sites, you may have to make extra time in your day just to keep up!

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