February 11, 2020 11:06 am

The Super Bowl is always a time for brands and companies to bring out their best and boldest commercials. This was no exception for Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night. Viewers saw celebrity cameos, nostalgic throwbacks, and moments that pulled on our heart strings.

It takes a village to pull off a Super Bowl commercial, but the benefits of having football fans talking about your brand can far out-weigh all of the time and effort it takes to create a commercial. These were some of the brands that absolutely nailed their Super Bowl LIV commercials.

 Jeep’s “Groundhog Day”

After the game on Sunday night, fans were talking about the Jeep commercial. This “Groundhog Day” remake featured the star of the iconic 1993 film starring Bill Murray. Murray reprised the role, again trapped in the never-ending loop of February 2nd. This time, he doesn’t mind so much, considering he is trapped with a Jeep Gladiator pickup.

Jeep was effective in their advertising efforts for quite a few reasons. Not only does a celebrity cameo immediately catch the eye of viewers, but putting a star back into his own famous movie decades later can teleport them back in time to a nostalgic place. A comedian like Bill Murray also adds a comedic element that can have fans feeling a sense of joy related to the brand. 

Hyundai’s Smaht Pahk

Hyundai was no stranger to celebrity cameos this year. The brand featured not just one, but four celebrities in their Hyundai Sonata “Smaht Pahk” commercial. John Krasinski, Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, and former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz dawned their finest Boston accents to emphasize the car’s Smart Park or “Smaht Pahk” feature.

The commercial debuted several days before the big game – a smart move on Hyundai’s part, allowing fans to get excited and get talking about the ad before others even made it to the small screen. The familiar faces giving their best Boston accents added comedic relief while also hitting home for many Bostonians and fans of the city. The brand’s biggest accomplishment? Leaving us all with the words “smaht pahk” stuck in our heads for days after seeing the ad.

 “Loretta” by Google

Google had many experts claiming it as the advertising winner on Sunday night with its “Loretta” commercial. Inspired by a true story, the ad features an elderly man using Google Assistant to remember and honor his late wife, Loretta. The man is able to use Google Assistant to search through photos and memories, pull up their favorite film, and reminisce on some of her most notable traits.

The ad was a nice change of pace from the other ads that seemed to pull out all the bells and whistles. Google decided to set them apart from the rest by going for a more simple and heartfelt approach that nearly all of us who have lost a loved one can relate to. The brand took a risk by going for a somber approach, but successfully left viewers feeling uplifted rather than sad.

What Did We do Before Alexa?

One of the most talked about ads came from one of the most talked about brands – Amazon. The company’s “What Did We do Before Alexa” ad also featuring celebrities. Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi kick off the commercial by asking “What do you think people did before Alexa?” The ad went on to show fairy tale flashbacks of what it would have been like pre-voice-assistant. Some of the bits included a queen to a jester saying “Alexine, tell me a joke” and a 1920’s man to a newsboy “Alex, what’s the newest news?” The boy then responded by striking a chord with current trends with the phrase “It doesn’t matter, it’s all fake.”

Amazon’s Alexa proved itself to be a household name with this Super Bowl commercial. An emphasis on brand recognition was the overall theme for the company this year. For viewers who regularly call out to “Alexa” for their news, help around the house, and general questions, this ad struck a familiar and funny chord.

Every year there is endless chatter surrounding the Super Bowl for not only football, but for the game’s famous advertising. Brands spare no expense when it comes to creating the most talked about commercial. Each year, the ads seem to get bigger and more over-the-top, leaving us to wonder what the future of advertising has in store for the coming years.

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