February 2, 2010 12:33 pm

BrainBikeNow that January has passed, how many of you invention lovers out there are still going to the gym four times a week, like you resolved to do at the beginning of the New Year? Anyone?

Don’t throw away those gym shorts just yet – InventHelp’s Invention Girl found an interesting invention that’s good for your body and mind. The NeuroActive BrainBike is designed to provide a total fitness experience by improving memory, concentration, multitasking abilities and cardiovascular health.

Invented by Dr. Stephane Bergeron, MD, president of Brain Center America (BCA) and a team of international brain specialists, the BrainBike experience blends mental agility with physical fitness. Here’s how it works: users ride a stationary cardio exercise bike while simultaneously interacting with a computer screen that features 22 mental conditioning programs. These exercises include face/name memory exercises, 3D visuo-spatial skills, concentration, word naming and arithmetic.

The inventors believe that the BrainBike enhances the processing speed of the memory and sharpens the brain so that it can perform to its fullest. And, you can shed a few pounds while you’re at it!

InventHelp’s Invention Girl is hoping to see this one at the gym, YMCA or your favorite health club (perhaps your own living room?) sometime soon. Check out TheBrainBike.com for more info on this fascinating full-body fitness invention.

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