April 10, 2008 2:04 pm

InventHelp’s Invention Girl must be getting more conservative with age; years ago I’d immediately buy whatever new gadget hit the market, but now I find myself playing the waiting game. The case in point is high-definition DVD players, but hopefully all this time waiting on the sidelines will pay out shortly.

The battle for supremacy between HD DVD and Blu-ray is over, with Blu-ray unanimously declared the victor. Now, I know it’s time to take the plunge and get a new player; many people here at InventHelp have already done so. But, as I’ve said before, all Blu-ray players are not created equal… so what’s an Invention Girl to do?

If I’m going to drop $500 on a new Blu-ray player, I want to make sure it’s not going to be obsolete in a year or two. So, I’m holding out for Blu-ray’s Profile 2.0, aka BD-Live, to be released this fall. Featuring a full gigabyte of memory (as opposed to 256 megabytes in the last model), BD-Live requires Internet connectivity via an Ethernet port. This means that BD-Live also translates online content.

Industry insiders say that BD-Live will allow customers to interact with characters and stories from the movie, as well as access additional content. Combined with top-of-the-line high-definition technology and boosted audio, this should make any film viewing a more interesting experience.

Honestly, InventHelp’s Invention Girl could watch two people play chess on one of these things, and the clarity of the picture would still leave me captivated!

The two major contenders for the next Blu-ray player supremacy title are, unsurprisingly, Sony and Panasonic. The Sony BDP-S550 will be priced at around $500, and Panasonic’s DMP-BD50 will be between $500 and $650. Darn, I guess I’ll have another decision to make after all!

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