October 9, 2007 3:32 pm

Today, many of us wouldn’t consider leaving home without our BlackBerrys – a product that has revolutionized business communications. Hint Hint: Invention Girl would really like one from her boss to make life easier!

And now, some game developers would like to see BlackBerrys expand from the business world into the personal world by adding more entertainment features, specifically games.

A large number of Blackberry users are part of the first generation of bona fide “gamers”. Those between the ages of 25 and 40 likely grew up playing early versions of video games – and, as we all know, nostalgia sells.

And don’t think that game developers haven’t noticed our BlackBerry addiction.

Business professionals often have a lot of downtime between meetings, and waiting in taxi cabs and airports is hopelessly boring without something to do! Given that the BlackBerry is the business traveler’s constant companion, it makes sense to add some non-business activities into the BlackBerry’s design.

By incorporating familiar games like Monopoly, Poker and Sudoku into consumer friendly devices like the BlackBerry Pearl, game-makers are able to reach the BlackBerry’s typically higher-end users.

While developers are mainly targeting men, who tend to play more games, they’ve caught on to the idea that women are increasingly becoming gamers as well.

We’ll be sure to update you on this trend as it continues to unfold, check back soon!

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