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Some of the biggest reveals in technology and innovation were made in 2017. Big companies such as Apple and Nintendo released new products to the market place that would leave tech-lovers excited for what the future has instore. While these advances were exciting for techies, they weren’t the only ones who got their fill of exciting new toys this year, people of all walks of life could enjoy these big innovations that shook the market place this past year.

iPhone X

In September of 2017, Apple announced one of its biggest products yet, the iPhone X. With new features including Face ID, which replaced Touch ID for unlocking the old iPhones, Apple fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on their own iPhone X. The new smart phone also features a much wider screen, wireless charging and water and dust resistance.

Since the announcement, consumers assumed such a phone would come with a hefty price tag. A new iPhone X starts at $999 and goes up from there. Despite the cost, consumers still lined up in November for their very own iPhone X.


There is no denying this tiny robot has an adorable look, but it also has incredible capabilities. Known as the first social robot for the home, Jibo has currently raised more than $3 million on Indiegogo. Founder Dr. Cynthia Breazeal brought the concept to life in order to make a robot that is a part of the family.

So, what can Jibo do? This small robot can see through two hi-res cameras, hear your voice from anywhere in the room, learn and adapt to your life, and help to make daily activities easier. Of course, Jibo is also capable of speaking, but one of its most interesting features is its ability to relate. Jibo uses natural social cues and emotions to gain a better relationship with users. One of the most fun features includes its ability to dance to music and move around.

Nintendo Switch

For more than 30 years, Nintendo has been developing different models for video game consoles. Their latest version, the Nintendo Switch, brings a whole new concept to the world of gaming. Not only is it the seventh major video game console made by Nintendo, but it is also the most unique.

Switch is the perfect name for this console due to its ability to do just that, switch. The console is the first portable system giving you the ability to take you gaming on the go. Nintendo Switch comes with one main “Switch Console” which can undock into handheld mode, resembling a tablet with two side controllers. Those two controllers, or Joy-Cons, can then be removed for gameplay flexibility. Other features include parental control, and the ability to capture screenshots of your gaming.

Fidget Spinners

The last item on the list is one that doesn’t need a team of tech-experts for its creation. The fidget spinner had the attention of people of all ages, despite being a simple concept. No one can get enough of the small toy that easily spins for hours of addictive fun. Stores such as Toys-R-Us were filling trucks just to fill their shelves with the popular toy.

It seemed as though kids could not get enough of the toy, even wanting one in each color and style. What made the spinner so popular? According to Forbes, the reason behind the craze was simple, everyone fidgets. With a small, handheld item constantly in reach, people of all ages were given the ability to easily fidget. Some even made claims that the spinner was useful to those with ADHD, giving them a way to release some of their boredom and pay attention to daily tasks.

Although these four products are relatively unique, they each have one thing in common, they made big waves in 2017. If we learned anything, it is that even the smallest of toys and gadgets can make a huge impact.

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