October 21, 2015 3:05 pm

Today, October 21, 2015, fans waited to see if a flying DeLorean would land on Earth, transporting Marty McFly and Doc Brown from 1989 to 2015. The Back to the Future trilogy began in 1985 but it wasn’t until Back to the Future Part II premiering in 1989, we found out Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) and Christopher Lloyd (Doctor Emmett Brown) would return. The writers of the movie might actually be psychics because they got a surprising amount of things right about the future, including the Cubs possibly winning the World Series. Here is a list of inventions which Back to the Future predicted we would be using today.

Smart Glasses

Marty’s future children in the movie are teenagers of 2015, wearing headsets at the dinner table which receive calls and have the ability to watch television. The invention of Google Glass has a similar eyewear technology that conducts the same functions. Although, Google Inc. didn’t exist in 1989, the company has a device that lets you interact with technology hands-free and has smartphone features.

Video Calling

Your cellphone spontaneously starts ringing, but for a video call not a voice call. Video technology was used in the Back to the Future movie through the television screen mounted on the wall (another invention that exists in 2015). With Facetime from Apple, Skype and video chat through webcams on our computers, televisions and smartphones in the palm of our hand, we are able to talk to people from different states and countries. Unlike the movie we can chat anywhere we would like not only in front of the television at home.


Doc Brown, the mastermind behind the time machine, was seen throughout the movie working on a tablet device which functioned like a computer. Now, more than 170 million iPads have been sold by Apple. iPads and electronic tablets are commonly used by families and businesses instead of computers or registers. Devices are even created to be attached to touch-screen tablets to scan and swipe credit cards.


Recently new to 2015 are hoverboards. Although, they aren’t as sturdy and easy to ride as Marty’s in the movie, a few companies have tried to produce the future of the skateboard. The Hendo hoverboard and the Lexas hoverboard were both tested by skateboard pros. Both of the boards use electromagnets that try to connect with magnetic fields in the ground, which requires special surfaces to ride on. Inventors of 2015 are coming close to the creation of hoverboards on any surface, the smart two wheel electric scooters also known as hands-free segways, are coming more popular to ride at the office, in the airport and outside.

3D Movies

Something we have seen develop throughout the years is 3D movies. In Back to the Future II, Marty was frightened by a shark from the movie Jaws, which came out from the top of the movie theater. Unfortunately, we have not made it to the time where there is a Jaws 19, but we have made it to a recreation of Jurassic Park featured as Jurassic World. The technology used for 3D is seen through IMAX theaters, amusement parks, and at the comfort of your own home with 3D televisions.

So, did Back to the Future help create these awesome inventions or has technology proven itself and it was time we were ready for these creations? One thing we are still waiting for is flying cars, but at the rate of the development of technology and travel we will soon see SUVs and taxis flying above our heads.

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