August 20, 2014 1:39 pm

Back-to-school means back to shopping. Each year, hundreds of new products come out just in time for the beginning of school, and that means children and older students will want to have the best new gear. We have compiled a list of some innovative and trendy products to make your trips to the mall a little easier.

College: Write This Down

The Livescribe smartpen has been around since 2007 with varying degrees of success, but critics say that Livescribe 3 might be the best version of the smartpen yet. By writing on special paper, Livescribe can store your notes in its internal flash memory to be uploaded to another device at a later time. Through Bluetooth, it connects to a mobile device that can hold content and audio, matching the audio and the notes together based on the time they were written. This would be a great tool for those who want to be able to record lectures and compare notes.

High School: Backpack Bliss

Your high schooler is busy. From a.m. soccer practice to study group after school to AP Chemistry homework, he needs a backpack that can handle his heavy load and all his tech. Colfax Smart Pack is a backpack that holds all your tech needs. It’s sophisticated enough to still be a cool option for a high school student and boasts some very innovative features. Smart Pack has a build-in power pack to recharge your devices on the go through USB ports, external memory starting at 500GB, and a secure Wi-Fi network. It is waterproof and padded to protect all of your devices.

Middle School: A Place of Their Own

In middle school, decorating a locker becomes very important to a student. They have to have the coolest accessories, but you want to make sure that all their stuff fits too! LockerBones is a set of adjustable, interlocking shelves that can make use of locker space to organize and allow for more tennis shoes, lunch bags, and whacky décor.  They are available in plastic or wood varieties and come in several different colors.

Elementary School: Safe Snacking

Parents of children with food allergies know how careful you have to be with what your child eats, especially when they are away from home. When you send them off on the bus, consider AllerMates. They make lunch and snack bags that include allergy information, as well as wristbands to inform teachers and caregivers to a child’s health needs. Best of all, they have cute, fun characters on them so your child will want to show off their cool accessory.

BONUS: Who says all the cool gadgets are for kids? Here’s a bonus item just for you!

Smart and Stylish

Smart watches are all the rage. However, not everyone wants an obvious screen on their wrist. Martian Notifier offers a compromise between style and function. At first glance, it looks just like an analog watch. Upon further inspection, you can see a small screen at the bottom of the face that displays alerts when you receive them, including calls, texts, social media, email, weather, and more. It comes in several designs and colors that are sleek and appealing.

By following the trends, you can pick up some back-to-school essentials that are sure to please every age group. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

What products would you consider buying from this list? Are there any that you would add?

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