May 12, 2010 11:26 am

Self Weighing Suitcase

InventHelp’s Invention Girl is constantly traveling the country (and world for that matter) to attend trade shows. With all the gadgets I have it’s hard to pack light! Nowadays, with airlines charging an arm and a leg for overweight suitcases, I definitely want to make sure I’m below the limit.

Thankfully, there’s an invention out there that saves me the hassle of trying to manually weigh my luggage. A company called Expert Verdict created luggage that will actually weigh itself. The Self-Weighing Suitcase features a LCD display screen near the handle and a built-in scale. When you want to know how heavy you’re traveling, just hit the button and it will instantly tell you how much the bag and its contents weigh. The suitcase will tell you its weight in either kilograms, ounces or pounds. The built-in wheels and pull-out trolley handle add to the suitcase’s convenience. There’s also plenty of room for all your things as the bag has three internal and external zipped compartments and measures 25 ½” by 15 ¾”.

You can bet I’ll be getting this for my next trip. I only wished they came in different colors and patterns so I could continue to travel in style. Also, I think having unique looking bags makes it easier to spot my luggage coming down the conveyor belt.

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