August 1, 2007 3:39 pm

I wouldn’t be doing my job as InventHelp’s Invention Girl without discussing the gadget on everyone’s mind: the iPhone.

iPhoneIn case you’ve been living under a rock, the iPhone is Apple’s much-ballyhooed launch into the cell phone market. Invented to be a portable media player, web browser and cell phone/messaging system, the iPhone is designed with a huge 3.5-inch, multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard, among other dazzling features.

For true gadget gurus, being second in line just won’t do. Many enthusiasts were so jazzed about the iPhone’s introduction that they waited in line overnight…or for several nights. Gadget geeks in New York City were in line for more than 100 hours!

I was dying to know if the invention was worth the wait, so I decided to ask the first iPhone owner I saw.

As I stepped onto the elevator last week, I saw a man gleefully sweeping his finger across his iPhone as he read online news stories. It looked like he stepped straight out of the commercial.

I asked him how he felt about his new investment (and with a price tag of about $599, it IS an investment). Without a moment’s hesitation, he said, “This is the best gadget I have ever purchased. My wife laughed when I bought it, and now she wants one.”

That’s a positive review if I’ve ever heard one.

Not everyone agrees. While PC Magazine said the iPhone was “the most fun we have ever had using a handheld,” they weren’t impressed by the iPhone’s ability to perform its most rudimentary function: making phone calls. They noted problems with transmission, reception and general reliability.

“The iPhone is a great device for consuming information, but its dastardly on-screen keyboard makes it trouble for inputting information,” said the reviewer. “The virtual keys on the virtual keyboard are just too small to hit easily and accurately.”

Despite its initial problems, the iPhone is undoubtedly a technological innovation bound to result in more amazing inventions.

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