November 13, 2007 6:54 pm

Apple iPhoneIt’s official: Not only is Apple’s iPhone the hottest gadget of the year, it’s also Time magazine’s Best Invention of the Year.

As you’ll recall from my recent blog on the iPhone, everyone’s favorite gadget is not without its problems. It gets dirty quickly, it’s expensive and there’s only one service-provider option.

Still, the iPhone has changed the way we think about mobile communications. Time‘s staff chose the iPhone as the invention of the year for its looks, multimedia capabilities and the likelihood that it will inspire other electronics companies to try a lot harder to land the next cool product.

Surely, the next model of the iPhone will make this year’s model seem archaic. And that’s the whole point! Progress inspires progress, which is why we at InventHelpĀ® happen to agree with Time magazine’s selection.

Be sure to check back with us this week as we continue to discuss Time magazine’s Inventions of the Year. Next up: Automotive Innovations!

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