December 5, 2014 3:03 pm

Whether alone or in a group, brainstorming can seem like a daunting task. Coming up with a concept for a new invention may be difficult for some.  Utilizing some of these brainstorming tips can make things a little easier – and you might have a little fun too.

1. Talk Out Loud

If you’re brainstorming solo, talking to yourself may seem a bit crazy, but trust us, it helps. By creating an audible dialogue, different parts of your brain are activated. You may be able to think more critically about your ideas or even create additional concepts.

2. Never Say Never

Negativity kills creativity. By dismissing an idea you eliminate an entire pathway that could have led to other ideas and discourage the person that had the idea. Even if a certain concept is not feasible as a whole, parts of the idea may work very well when combined with other ideas.

3. Change of Scenery

If you tend to work in the same place every day, take a walk or sit in another part of your office or home when brainstorming. People often draw ideas from their surroundings, so try to go somewhere that is less familiar to you. If you have the option to take a walk through nature you may also find the colors, scents, and noises to be helpful to the creative process.

4. Let’s Get Visual

Ditch the lined white notebook paper and plain black pen for something a little more interesting. Using crayons, colored pencils, markers, and even paints may seem a little juvenile, but being artistic leads to more creative and unique ideas and can provide inspiration for product design and colors.

5. Take a Walk

Trying to brainstorm when you’re burnt out will do nothing but frustrate you. Walk away from the task and do something completely different for a little while so your brain has a chance to rest. Many people suggest doing physical activity to get your juices flowing.

BONUS – Dear Diary…

Keep a small notebook beside your bed. Oftentimes, people have great ideas right before bed or even in the middle of the night. Try to jot down your idea before going to sleep and then revisit it in the morning.

Brainstorming is an essential function of the invention process. Outside-the-box mentality and creativity go a long way when dreaming up an innovative product. Which of these ideas will you try? Do you have any more tips?

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