July 2, 2014 9:00 am

Happy 4th of July, America! Another great year celebrating with fireworks, outdoor activities and tasty cookout food. Here are a few cool new gadgets we think could be more than helpful to you during your weekend celebration or really any summer barbecue.

1. Ear Visor $4.99

Ear Visor Sunglasses Accessory

Your bags are packed for your weekend trip. You have your sunglasses, a change of clothes, sunscreen and a care-free attitude. Well, you may be missing one thing: protection for your ears. Prevent that nasty sunburn from hitting the spot you always forget to protect. Attachable to almost any sunglasses!

2. Portable Gas Detector $24.95

It’s the perfect weekend for cooking your favorite foods outside on the grill, but as the pro griller that you are, you must be responsible for making sure your guests are safe from the fire. Take this detector with you to check for potentially hazardous gas leaks and avoid any major danger.

3. Tost-Ease $5.95

Toast Ease Sticks Roasts Marshmallows

A favorite past-time reminiscent of the good-old days when we could sit around the camp fire and roast marshmallows all summer long. Well, now you can enjoy this golden age activity without getting those loathed splinters and burns with these re-usable marshmallow toasting sticks.

4. Master Sharpener $9.95

Knife and Blade Sharpener Tool

Sharpen up all of your cooking utensils to prepare for an excellent food-filled weekend. Afterwards, you can sharpen your lawn mower blades, garden tools and more to easily manicure your yard before your guests arrive, because this tool will sharpen almost anything with a blade.

5. The Colonial Cressett $149.99

Colonial Cressett Outdoor Lantern

So you want that colonial fire look at your summer picnic without actually traveling back to colonial times? This device will burn wood for outdoor lighting or display flower arrangements so all of your neighbors will be jealous of your old-timey vibe.

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