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Almost everyone experiences writer’s block at some point in time. Whether you’re an experienced writer or someone with basic skills, you may find yourself at a road block.

When it comes to writing copy for your invention idea, it can be even more difficult to overcome writer’s block. How do you put into a few short words exactly what your invention idea is capable of? Who are you writing to? Why is it important for your audience to know about your invention idea? Answering questions can be easier with these 4 tips on overcoming writer’s block as an inventor. 


The first thing to do when struck with writer’s block is to visualize exactly the overall goal of your writing. Simply ask yourself “what am I writing?” Once you’ve figured out the what you can then visualize the “who,” in other words, who are you writing for? Next you will visualize where your writing will be featured. This can be important, because it will help drive the direction in which your writing will go.

Once you’ve visualized the “what”, “who,” and “where” you will want to think of the “when.” Will your writing be featured a certain time of year or holiday season? Let’s say you’re writing a piece on your invention during the month of December. Visualizing how you can Incorporate the holiday season can help your creative juices begin to flow. Lastly, you will want to visualize the “why.” Why are you writing your piece? Why is it important to get your message across to your audience? Once you’ve finally tackled these 5 basic questions, you will have visualized your writing. 


It may seem obvious, but when experiencing writer’s block, it is important to remember to relax. Although it is a simple tip, remaining calm can be difficult. You may be up against a deadline or experiencing pressure to finish your writing in a certain time frame. Even so, you won’t get anything decent accomplished if your brain is focused on a deadline. This is where it is important to relax.

So, you’re up against a deadline, how can you relax? Obviously, everyone relaxes differently, but there are a few things you can try before diving into your writing. One way is to take a break and go for a walk. Stepping away from a project even for a few moments can help clear your mind to get the ideas flowing. Another trick is to eat your favorite snack. It can be difficult getting around writer’s block when you’re constantly being reminded of your hunger. 

Believe in Yourself

One of the most important aspects to overcoming writer’s block is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be impossible to believe in your writing. This is easier said than done, since we are oftentimes our own worst critics. Nevertheless, it is important to persist in your endeavors and believe in yourself.

One way to help yourself gain confidence is to look back on your previous writing. This is simply to tell yourself “I did it.” You were able to overcome writer’s block on several occasions, so you know you’re capable of it now. Looking back on your work can also bring inspiration. Using other works of writing for inspiration is always helpful, but when it is your own work, it can be even easier to pull encouragement to write this next body of work.

Combine Knowledge with Action

You’ve taken the time to visualize, relax, and believe in yourself. Now it is time to take action. For some, the moment you decide to take action can be the most difficult part of overcoming your writer’s block. It is the final step before you are able to effectively dive back into your work.

When taking action, be sure to take all of your knowledge on the subject and put it to good use. Do so by making a list of your collective knowledge and building sentences from there. Although this sounds obvious, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Consider the possibility that you aren’t as well-versed on the subject as you may have thought. Lay out your knowledge and look to where it could use some improvement. Once you’ve filled in the blanks, put that knowledge to good use and you’ll finally be ready to take action on writing!

Self-doubt oftentimes goes hand in hand with writer’s block, making it even more difficult to overcome. Although this is true, it’s important to remember that even the best writers experience it. You may have the urge to give up, but don’t let it ruin an entire piece of writing!  By visualizing, relaxing, believing in yourself, and taking action, you’ll be ready to write again in no time.

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