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An Innovation News Daily article made an interesting point: robots are already replacing humans and, in the future, they may become as prominent in our daily lives as movies like A.I. and I, Robot predict. Here’s why…

We Respond Emotionally to Them

Sure, we know that there is nothing alive about a piece of technology, but that hasn’t stopped us from generating feelings of love for our smartphones.

They Are Efficient

Most robots still need some form of human input to function. However, that hasn’t kept them from automating manufacturing and won’t keep them from, one day, taking over “creative” jobs.

Many People Are Okay With No Human Contact

A lot of people prefer communicating with others online or via text messaging. Researchers say that a robot that looks like a human can make us addicted to it even more than current means of communication.

The possibility of a Terminator like scenario is very small. Future robots will work for us and make the world a better place.

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