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The taxi of tomorrow doesn’t fly or feature anything out of the ordinary. In fact, your own car may be more futuristic than the Taxi of Tomorrow, which will be released in New York City in 2014. The Nissan NV200 was selected as the winner in the Taxi of Tomorrow competition, created by New York City officials, which invited car makers to submit their designs for NYC’s updated taxi service. The Nissan NV200 will feature more luggage space, more legroom, a large moon roof, sliding doors, USB charging port, rear climate control, and an improved interior design.  Although a redesigned and more comfortable taxi may be okay with most New Yorkers, the taxi of “tomorrow” took 4 years to design, leaving many to wonder why some key features were left out of it…

No electric or hybrid capabilities

If you’re going to design something that’s claimed to be a re-imagining of the NYC taxi system, at least go something beyond the internal combustion engine. Nissan already makes the Leaf, but, for one reason, or another, a redesigned all gas minivan was given the nod by NYC officials. On the bright side, Nissan’s taxis may one day be converted to electricity, according to the New York Times.

No Wheelchair Access

Unless the current design is rethought, the future NYX taxi will have no wheelchair access. It’s understandable for current NYC taxis to not be wheel chair accessible, but with a more legroom and space it’s tough to understand why wheel chair access was not included. In fact, one of the three design finalists for the taxi had wheel chair access, but NYC officials chose to pass because the company proposing it had limited experience in the US market.

Although the aforementioned features would have certainly cost more money, they are also features that would have been appreciated by tourists and features that would have validated the title of the “Taxi of Tomorrow”. This isn’t to say that the future Nissan taxi is a dramatic improvement, just that it could have been better.

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