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Have you ever had a cavity and gone to the dentist to get a filling? Chances are, the process was anything but pleasurable. The dentist has to drill down your tooth which, despite numbing medication, can be incredibly painful. That pain may soon be a thing of the past because scientists have invented a plasma brush which disinfects and drills down your teeth without the painful drilling.

Furthermore, the plasma brush creates a surface on your teeth which makes the filling bond to your teeth with no chance of falling out. According to Hao Li, associate professor at the MU College of Engineering, fillings that were attached to plasma treated teeth were 60% stronger. Such increases in strength would mean benefits to dentists and their corresponding insurance companies. According to Gizmodo, around 200 million fillings occur every year at a cost of $50 billion.

The plasma tooth brush may result in lower costs for getting tooth fillings, less painful dentist visits, and decreased costs. This winning invention may be at your dentist’s office as early as 2013.

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