January 27, 2010 4:50 pm

In this age of advanced technology, identity fraud seems to be on everyone’s mind – including InventHelp clients. Also known as identity theft, identity fraud occurs when someone uses another person’s name, credit card number, social security number or other personal information, passing it off as their own. Over the past few years, identity scams have become the world’s fastest-growing crimes. But many InventHelp clients have taken note, designing new and innovative ways to curb this type of scam.

One InventHelp scam-fighting client from Springfield, Ohio, decided to battle fraud by inventing the “Defender Card.” The Defender Card is designed to prevent the practice of “shoulder surfing,” where a scam criminal watches when someone gives personal information, like a credit card number, in a public place. This patented device would keep a cardholder’s information shielded from the eyes of bystanders when he or she presents a credit card, license or social security card in a store, office or other area.

Another InventHelp scam-preventing invention comes from Anna, Texas. Rather than focusing on the individual, this inventor decided to focus on the stores who accept credit cards or other personal information. The “P.I.D. (Prevention of Identity Theft)” would enable these companies to express concern for their customers by reducing the risks of identity fraud.

“I came up with the idea after an incident at a grocery store,” the inventor said. “The cashier was nonchalantly conversing with another employee, leaving my personal information in plain sight of the people behind me.”

While those InventHelp inventors targeted fraud from the individual and business standpoints, yet another InventHelp client came up with a credit card machine that would provide greater security against rip-offs. The “Identity Theft” would prevent the use of stolen ATM and credit cards, and could help to solve conflicts over whether or not purchases were actually made. The inventor’s frustration with the skyrocketing increase in identity fraud led him to develop his invention and bring it to InventHelp.

“I got so tired of hearing about how often people were using stolen credit and ATM cards, so I decided to do something about it,” he said.

These inventions provide just a few examples of InventHelp clients who are working to find ways to stop fraud. Though they approach the problem from different angles, they are all working toward a common goal. With the increasing frequency of identity scams, InventHelp salutes these and other inventors with the drive and creativity to come up with new solutions to a growing problem.

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