Innovative Problem SolvingInventions come in many different shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity, but their goal of solving an existing problem is the same. Through the use of innovative problem solving techniques, inventors have been able to change the world—or at least their corner of it—through creation of innovative inventions designed to tackle challenges large and small. Read More >>


Additive Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Since the dawn of the industrial area, manufacturers have utilized what is commonly known as “subtractive manufacturing” to produce products. That means in order to make a widget, they would take a lump of material and put it through a process to take away (subtract) parts of it until it looked like a widget. Think of a sculptor staring at a large hunk of stone and thinking, “Somewhere in there is my masterpiece!” and then whittling away to create a statue of a beautiful woman. Read More >>


testimprovedInventions are the world’s great problem solvers. Innovators find problems and devise new and clever ways to solve them. What makes one solution better than the rest? Great invention ideas grow from making sure you are not only solving a problem but solving the right one. Great innovations take old problems and find new ways to look at them. Read More >>


William Addis toothbrush invention

New inventions can sprout from the most unlikely of sources—and the oddest of places. The modern toothbrush was not invented by a dentist in a hygiene laboratory but by a prisoner serving time in an English prison in the late 1700s with a need for cleaner teeth. Read More >>


Dragon's Den TV Show LogoDragon’s Den originated in Japan with variations that then spread to various other countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Israel, Ireland, as well as the U.S. With the popularity of Shark Tank growing throughout the U.S., we thought we would take a look at its predecessor to the north.

The Canadian version of Dragon’s Den began airing in 2006 and is currently in its eighth season. With some 2 million people tuning in each week, it’s one of Canada’s most watched shows. The current season features 20 episodes with five special episodes: student special, holiday special, second chance show, update special, and a Canadian-themed episode.



Assembly Line Conveyor Belt

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Ford’s moving assembly line. Most of us know Henry Ford had a lot to do with making the assembly line what it is today; beginning the mass production of the auto industry, which would develop into the ability to make everyday products and inventions easily manufactured and produced. Now, let’s recap some events in history that you most likely did not know about the assembly line.

  1. The meatpacking industry in Chicago started using an assembly line style production in 1867 that they actually referred to as a “disassembly” line.
  2. What took Ford workers 12.5 man-hours to complete, took 1 hour & 33 minutes after the assembly line was in place.
  3. There was only 1 paint color that would dry fast enough for the assembly line process until 1926, Japan Black.
  4. By 1930, 250 companies disappeared, because they could not keep up with the efficiency of the assembly line that competing companies began to use.
  5. Ford was able to increase workers’ pay from $1.50 to $5.00 per day due to productivity of the assembly line.

What are three traits Kevin Harrington thinks a successful inventor should have? Watch to find out!

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Yes, it’s almost Father’s Day again (Sunday, June 16th). Don’t get caught forgetting to get your dad a cool new gadget for his big day. Click each product image below for more details, specs, and how to purchase before it’s too late!

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It’s almost that time for being outdoors with friends and family to celebrate Memorial Day, and don’t forget having an additional day (for most of us) off of work on Monday. Let’s break down some products you can add to your collection for a great weekend extravaganza.

microBEATSmicroBEATS $49.99
Compatible with any TV, iPod®, iPhone®, Smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet, the wireless microBEATS® speaker system creates a rich, theater-like stereo sound experience. Utilizing a Bluetooth® speaker, this portable simplicity brings your entertainment to life with NO wires! Read More >>


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You may not have ever thought about it, but most movies you’ve seen in theaters were shot at 24 frames per second. In other words, 24 frames, each second, were blasted into your eyes to give you the illusion of a fluid image. If the frame rate were lower, you’d easily discern the individual frames. Read More >>

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