Additive Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Since the dawn of the industrial area, manufacturers have utilized what is commonly known as “subtractive manufacturing” to produce products. That means in order to make a widget, they would take a lump of material and put it through a process to take away (subtract) parts of it until it looked like a widget. Think of a sculptor staring at a large hunk of stone and thinking, “Somewhere in there is my masterpiece!” and then whittling away to create a statue of a beautiful woman. Read More >>


Welcome to the New Year! Happy 2014! Ah, the start of a fresh, new year and all of its potential. A blank slate that is ready to be filled. With the close of 2013, we thought we would take a look at just a few of those new product inventions that caught our attention and made us think “How am I living without that?”

1. HAPIfork:


Almost half (45 percent) of Americans make a New Year’s resolution, with one of the most popular and hardest to keep being to lose weight or live a healthier life. If this is your New Year’s resolution, the HAPIfork may aid in successfully reaching this goal. This electronic device measures how long it takes users to eat a meal, the amount of fork servings taken per minute, as well as the intervals between each fork serving. The information is uploaded via a USB or Bluetooth to improve the individual’s eating behavior. According to a series of scientific studies eating meals too quickly leads to weight gain, digestive problems, gastric reflux, and postoperative complications. Read More >>


Shark Tank fans received a few early Christmas gifts. First, ABC has ordered four more episodes of the hit TV show. Combined with the two additional episodes featured in October, the total order for season five is 28 episodes!

In addition, CNBC has licensed the exclusive off-network cable rights to Shark Tank. Starting on January 7, 2014 Shark Tank swims over to CNBC at 8 and 9 pm on Tuesdays.

With the holiday nearly here, why don’t we take a look at a few products that were pitched on Shark Tank that may provide the perfect last-minute present? Read More >>


With the first snowflakes flying, Christmas carols playing on the radio, and nearly every retailer advertising their “Biggest Sale of the Season,” the holiday season is nearly here. With just a week until we enjoy the parade, a table filled with delicious foods, and tons of football games, we thought we would continue our focus on “Shark Tank” by discussing those product ideas that may be perfect for turkey day! Read More >>


To continue our month-long discussion on the ABC hit television series “Shark Tank” we have decided to take a look at a few of the ideas that were floated about the tank and possibly received a few nibbles from the sharks. While many individuals have tackled the subject of best and worst ideas, the best pitches to the sharks, the most lucrative deals, as well as financial flops; we decided to start with a rather broad category: a few ideas that, well, captivated our attention and we found rather intriguing. These products possibly made us ponder: “Why didn’t I think of that?” “How can I get one of those,” or “How the **** did they think of that?” Through five seasons, 253 entrepreneurs have appeared on the show providing quite a bounty of possibilities.



ABC's Shark Tank TV ShowFor the InventHelp staff at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, the “Shark Tank” took on a new meaning during baseball season. These relief pitchers led the Buccos to a winning season and their first trip to the playoffs during Buctober (yes, we even changed the name of the month) in too many years. While the team didn’t make it to the World Series, they brought back an interest and excitement for baseball in the ‘Burgh.

For the rest of the country, the more well-known “Shark Tank” is the ABC hit television series currently in its sixth season. The investors or “Sharks” include six tough talking men and women who vie to make a deal with entrepreneurs who plead their case. Executive Producer Mark Burnett, the creator of “Survivor” and “The Apprentice,” adapted the show from “Dragons’ Den”, a Japanese reality TV show. Throughout the world, the venture capitalists may be referred to as tigers, dragons, lions, or sharks in Ireland, Israel, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

As every other big-network reality show has lost viewers, “Shark Tank” has been slowly building viewer success. During its fifth season, the audience grew 15 percent to reach an average 7 million viewers on what is usually a low-rated night: Friday. The show won its time slot and climbed 17 percent among young adult viewers. “It’s exciting to people, in a down economy, to be able to watch a show that can teach them how to take control of their own life: I think that’s liberating and empowering,” states “Shark” and former real-estate titan: Barbara Corcoran.

Try swimming with the sharks yourself Friday nights at 9:00pm EST on ABC and stay tuned for the rest of the month of November as we talk more about every inventors favorite TV show.

ABC has ordered four more episodes of Shark Tank. Combined with the two additional episodes featured in October, that brings the total order for season five to 28 episodes! In addition, CNBC has licensed the exclusive off-network cable rights to Shark Tank. Starting on January 7, 2014 Shark Tank swims over to CNBC at 8 and 9 pm on Tuesdays.

Looks like we have a lot more Shark Tank to look forward to in 2014!

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In case you were unaware, the entire online world is obsessed with sharks these days. The made for TV movie “Sharknado” set a record for most watched original film encore in Syfy history, due to its hype on twitter. Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is another TV favorite. Just follow the hashtag #SharkWeek to see more shark memes than you’ve ever laid eyes on.

As the digital and invention savvy people that we are, we were more than excited to hear that there would be an even better week coming up: Shark Tank Week! This week (September 8th – 13th) features re-runs of ABC’s hit TV Show “Shark Tank”, including a favorite episode of one of the investor sharks each night. “Shark Tank Week” is a prelude to the season premiere of “Shark Tank” which airs on Friday, September 20th. Read More >>


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What’s the point of buying a PC when you can get a less expensive iPad or tablet, especially when a touch screen is much easier to use? That is the question companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are asking. Read More >>


The iPad is so easy to use that 5 Oregon counties are letting their citizens cast their vote with the help of an iPad. Election workers in the state are going to nursing homes and offering the iPads to voters who may have trouble voting with traditional equipment. The iPad’s easy to user interface can be used by those with Alzheimer’s or Down Syndrome and the State Elections Director says that the counties will end up using 72 iPads, 5 of which Apple has already donated. Read More >>


You’re probably familiar with the painstaking process that modelers go through when creating video games and movies. They spend hours modeling digital figurines which animators then use to create moving 3D animations… Read More >>

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