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In the corporate world, the goal is to strive, not simply survive. Leading entrepreneurs depend on a core set of guidelines to help them reach this objective. Some of them may seem deceptively simple, but all of them are important as you either move your start-up into growth mode or strive to sustain your existing business. Below are some top entrepreneur tips from leading minds of business.  Read More >>


Grow-A-Kitty Invention

Tired of waiting for stray cats to produce litters of kittens?

New “Grow-A-Kitty” allows you to begin pet ownership in a fraction of the time. An inventor from Pennsylvania has been able to replicate the “kittatania” cell that is in every pregnant mother cat before their young is born. Now kittens can be grown from anywhere with the proper conditions. Here’s how it works:

    1. Purchase Grow-A-Kitty Seeds

    2. Plant in indirect sunlight, either on a window ledge or under a tree.

    3. Water your plant once a day (Add catnip fertilizer included for faster growth)

    4. In 3-6 weeks, your kitten is ready to pluck from the vine!

For more information on how to purchase Grow-A-Kitty, keep following our social channels at facebook.com/inventhelp and twitter.com/inventhelp.


UPDATE 4/4/14: This was an April Fool’s joke! Unfortunately, kittens cannot be grown from planting seeds quite yet, but don’t you wish they could?


NASA New Inventions That Need To Be Made

Happy National Inventors’ Day!  In honor of this day for inventors, we thought we’d shed light on a major part of inventing – problem solving.

No matter how big or small, inventions should not be taken for granted for at some point they solved a serious problem for a new mom, member of the military, fashionista, or perhaps someone who loves engaging in do-it-yourself activities. Creativity, innovation, as well as determination are employed to produce a vast array of new inventions throughout the world.

Solving a problem or finding its need has been going on for hundreds of years. Early man was determined to come up with inventions of his own, such as the wheel that still plays a pivotal role in our lives today. Perhaps the best way to discuss what type of inventions are needed in the future is to examine some of those that solved various needs in the past.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has invented a multitude of products since its inception in 1958. This prolific problem solver has created many products that have made our everyday lives more comfortable and safe. While the products were initially designed for urgent needs and to solve many safety, comfort, or technical problems, they have also solved numerous everyday problems when they became part of the mainstream. Read More >>


Shark Tank fans received a few early Christmas gifts. First, ABC has ordered four more episodes of the hit TV show. Combined with the two additional episodes featured in October, the total order for season five is 28 episodes!

In addition, CNBC has licensed the exclusive off-network cable rights to Shark Tank. Starting on January 7, 2014 Shark Tank swims over to CNBC at 8 and 9 pm on Tuesdays.

With the holiday nearly here, why don’t we take a look at a few products that were pitched on Shark Tank that may provide the perfect last-minute present? Read More >>


Eli Whitney Cotton Gin Inventor

Happy Birthday to Eli Whitney today who was born on December 8, 1765.

As most of us know, Whitney is most famous for inventing the cotton gin, which highly streamlined the process of extracting fiber from cotton seeds. It produced more cotton in one hour than would be produced by multiple workers in one day. Unfortunately, Whitney struggled to earn any money for this invention as the patent was widely pirated. However, his affinity for machine work and technology led to success in various other fields you may be unaware of: Read More >>


With the first snowflakes flying, Christmas carols playing on the radio, and nearly every retailer advertising their “Biggest Sale of the Season,” the holiday season is nearly here. With just a week until we enjoy the parade, a table filled with delicious foods, and tons of football games, we thought we would continue our focus on “Shark Tank” by discussing those product ideas that may be perfect for turkey day! Read More >>


In celebration of Karl Benz’s birthday today (Nov. 25, 1844), let’s take a closer look at 5 of his inventions that helped transform the automotive industry, starting with the 3-wheeled “horseless carriage”:

1886 Benz Motorwagen

1886 Benz Motorwagen (DRP No. 37435)

1. The Motorwagen, patented in 1886, was the world’s first gas-fueled car. It offered a number of innovative features including a four-stroke engine, an evaporative cooling system, three wire-spoke wheels and two-passenger seating. The most prominent innovation was the vehicle’s ability to generate its own power via the internal combustion engine.

2. The Two-Stroke Engine was patented in 1879. It was a new type of internal combustion engine designed to complete a power cycle with only two “strokes” or up and down movements as compared to the four-stroke engine, which required four strokes.

3. The Double-Pivot Steering System, patented in 1893, was considered the solution to the automotive steering problem of the late 1800’s. The system utilized a steering crank in place of the current steering shaft.

4. The Benz Patent Motor Car Velocipede was invented in 1894. It was considered the world’s first production car since over 1,200 units were built. The vehicle featured the new double-pivot steering system and it offered a lighter design with a new, smaller engine.

5. The Boxer Engine received a patent in 1896. The engine design was the first to feature horizontally-opposed pistons. This invention paved the way for high-performance racing car engines and helped set the standard for the Mercedes-Benz name we know today.


To continue our month-long discussion on the ABC hit television series “Shark Tank” we have decided to take a look at a few of the ideas that were floated about the tank and possibly received a few nibbles from the sharks. While many individuals have tackled the subject of best and worst ideas, the best pitches to the sharks, the most lucrative deals, as well as financial flops; we decided to start with a rather broad category: a few ideas that, well, captivated our attention and we found rather intriguing. These products possibly made us ponder: “Why didn’t I think of that?” “How can I get one of those,” or “How the **** did they think of that?” Through five seasons, 253 entrepreneurs have appeared on the show providing quite a bounty of possibilities.



Assembly Line Conveyor Belt

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Ford’s moving assembly line. Most of us know Henry Ford had a lot to do with making the assembly line what it is today; beginning the mass production of the auto industry, which would develop into the ability to make everyday products and inventions easily manufactured and produced. Now, let’s recap some events in history that you most likely did not know about the assembly line.

  1. The meatpacking industry in Chicago started using an assembly line style production in 1867 that they actually referred to as a “disassembly” line.
  2. What took Ford workers 12.5 man-hours to complete, took 1 hour & 33 minutes after the assembly line was in place.
  3. There was only 1 paint color that would dry fast enough for the assembly line process until 1926, Japan Black.
  4. By 1930, 250 companies disappeared, because they could not keep up with the efficiency of the assembly line that competing companies began to use.
  5. Ford was able to increase workers’ pay from $1.50 to $5.00 per day due to productivity of the assembly line.

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In case you were unaware, the entire online world is obsessed with sharks these days. The made for TV movie “Sharknado” set a record for most watched original film encore in Syfy history, due to its hype on twitter. Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is another TV favorite. Just follow the hashtag #SharkWeek to see more shark memes than you’ve ever laid eyes on.

As the digital and invention savvy people that we are, we were more than excited to hear that there would be an even better week coming up: Shark Tank Week! This week (September 8th – 13th) features re-runs of ABC’s hit TV Show “Shark Tank”, including a favorite episode of one of the investor sharks each night. “Shark Tank Week” is a prelude to the season premiere of “Shark Tank” which airs on Friday, September 20th. Read More >>

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